Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Doc's Prognosis - Week 3

Movers and Shakers

First off, I'll begin with a look at the teams going up and the teams going down after last week's games. As always, you can find the complete poll here.

Three Up:
1. Cincinnati - Up 37 spots to #5 after a throttling of Oregon St. They have now taken over the mantle as best non-BCS team. Are they honestly this good? No way. Are they even the best non-BCS team? I doubt it. My vote goes for BYU or TCU. But let's let them enjoy it for at least one week.
2. Oregon - Up 18 spots after giving Michigan the business at the big house. Could they be a darkhorse in the apparently loaded Pac-10?
3. Kentucky - Up 19 spots to #15. Louisville comes calling this week, and it's a chance for the Cats to back up this lofty ranking and a chance for Woodson and Co. to rack up a boatload of points against a more than accommodating L'ville defense.

Three Down:
1. Michigan - Down 34 spots to #62. And this doesn't even include the Appy St result.
2. Hawaii - Down 33 spots to #41. Needing OT to beat La Tech will do that to you. Honestly, they were way too high for a team with no defense.
3. Louisville - Down 223 spots to #35. That's way to many yards to give up to a team with a sorta directional, acronym, state university name (MTSU).

Games of the Week:
1. USC at Nebraska - I think this game will be very entertaining. USC hasn't looked all that good so far, and Nebraska is coming off a good win away at Wake. A chance for USC to show that they do belong with the likes of LSU and OU.
2. Tennessee at Florida - Mark it down right now, Tebow will be unstoppable. If Cal can score as many against UT as they did, Tebow and company will have a feast. The only problem is, UT will score almost as many. A highscoring game here.
3. BC at Ga. Tech- I think these are the two best teams in the ACC. Ryan will have a hard time against the blitz happy Jackets, but it remains to be seen what Gailey's team can do offensively.
4. Arkansas at Alabama - Nick Saban's first real test in the SEC. I was impressed with the win at Vandy, but stopping Mcfadden and Jones will be a different story. This game is always, always close, and I can't imagine this one being any different.
5. Ohio St at Washington - Ty Willingham may finally have this program turned around. That, and the apparently weak Big 10, make for some very interesting story lines here.

You can find my computer's predictions for these games, and all other Top 25, SEC, and ACC games here.

Upset Specials
This is something of a rare week. My computer is picking the 'underdog' to win several games against ranked opponents. You don't see this very often.

Nebraska over USC - I'm really anxious to see how this one plays out.
Kentucky over Louisville - I watched MTSU score at will, so I think this is a legitimate pick.
Washington over Ohio St - A chance for the Big 10 to get some of their pride back, but I think they fail to do it.
Alabama over Arkansas - In all honesty, this one's too close to call.

That's all for this week. Hope you enjoyed it. If anybody is reading, or has any suggestions for topics to cover, let us know.

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Brad said...

you do know that Cincinnati is a BCS team right... Big East