Sunday, September 16, 2007

Doc's Prognosis - Week 4

Movers and Shakers

Here are the big movers of the weekend, along with some general comments about the wonderful world of college football. As always, you can find the full rankings here.

Three Up....

1. Utah - Up 50 spots to #23. This is probably much much too high for a 1-2 team, but remember that I had UCLA ranked very highly all season long so far. And they let me down. Big time. Shouldn't come as a surprise really though. A good win for Utah, but I think you may see them on the Three down section very very soon.

2. Florida - Up 20 spots to #5. I remarked several times last week that I thought this offense would be unstoppable with Tebow at QB. And it looks like the defense might even be a little better than I anticipated. I will be watching Oct. 6th when they meet LSU in what might be the next 'game of the century.'

3. Ohio St - Up 17 spots to #10. A very good win over Washington. And the Big 2 Little 9 is obviously there for the taking. They've gotta be the favorites to win the conference heading into the conference schedule.

Three Down...

1. Iowa - Down 39 spots to #63. This team lost to Iowa St, who had previously lost to a MAC school and a 1-AA school. This speaks volumes about the state of the Big 10/11 or whatever they call themselves now.

2. BYU - Down 29 to #36. They were a team whose fate at this point in the season was tied to UCLA. Utah in essence knocked their archrivals down to where they belong in my rankings.

3. UCLA - Down 27 to #30. Whoops. 44-6? On the road? To a Utah team without Alex Smith and Urban Meyer? They probably should be lower than 30th.

Finally, I can't end this section without a mention of the now completely irrelevant Notre Dame. I'm glad they have their own network deal because I can't imagine any self-respecting network would pick up any of their remaining games. Then again, it's good entertainment to see if they can finish up with positive rushing yards. I wonder if negative points is next? If any team can figure out a way to do it, the great Golden Domers can, I'm sure. But Charlie Weis would keep it a secret till game time I guess. Anyway, they're now 98th in the poll, so we'll see this weekend if they can drop into the hundreds. They are now one of the 25 worst 1-a teams in the land, behind the mighty Bears of Baylor and the illustrious Golden Flashes of Kent St. Ouch.

Games of the Week

Not many this week actually, but I'll try to dig up 5. Unfortunately, I won't be watching much football this weekend as I'll be on vacation. I guess I picked a good week for that.

1. Georgia at Alabama - This is my pick for top game. Should be interesting to see how Georgia does compared to the S.C. game. And has Alabama improved that much under Saban? I don't know how much we learned from the Arkansas game, but it's a game that Bama wouldn't have won at any point over the last 6 years. Should be an entertaining game, but I think the Tide win it mainly because of the homefield advantage.

2. Texas A&M at Miami - Can Miami be relevant again, or will they continue to be a proud program gone wrong? I guess the same can be said for A&M. Franchione has been very disappointing if you ask me.

3. SC vs. LSU - No, not that SC, but the Fighting Spurriers. This is the chance for the Ol Ball Coach to throw it around a little bit and see if they can't win the game. I don't see that happening. I'd give it about a snowball's chance.

4. Penn St vs Michigan - We'll see here whether Penn St are capable of winning the That Conference. The battle of two teams whose biggest wins are against Notre Dame. This illustrious group might be joined by Duke before the end of the season, who knows.

5. Arkansas vs Kentucky - A chance for Kentucky to show they're legit. And a chance for Arkansas to show they're not disheartened by the Alabama loss. Look for McFadden to have another big game, but if John Parker Wilson can have a big game against Arkansas, Woodson should have a YOOGE game (tribute to Bob Davie).

Upset Specials

Well, most of my upsets flopped last week, with the exceptions of Alabama (who was actually favored despite not being ranked) and Kentucky. This week, there aren't really any upsets, but here are some games that might be closer than expected.

1. NC State vs Clemson - Haven't seen much of either of these teams this year, but this is just one of those games I wouldn't be surprised to see Clemson lose. This is a team who proudly claims an '11th ranked nationally' feat outside of their athletic complex. Quite a feat. They have a nice rock though.
2. New Mexico St vs Auburn - I've got Auburn only favored by 5, and the way they're playing this year, I wouldn't be surprised to see this one happen.

And that's really it for this week. Not too many games that I see as a potential upset this week, but you know there will be some. That's what is so fun about college football. You just never know what will happen.

That's all for this week. Probably no more posts from me this week. HOpefully everyone will be able to survive without me.

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