Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Mikey Mike's Post

The Gamblin Man

By: Mikey Mike

Hello everyone time to get serious. There has a lot of talk all week of who will beat whom. There is also a good chance that today is no different. Without further ado the stone cold Vegas locks.

Lines may vary. (as of 9-12)

Louisville (-8) at Kentucky

I like Kentucky in this one. At home, against a team that gave up 42 to last years Sun Belt champ.

Hawaii (-17) at UNLV

Another underdog will cover. At home, against a team that has no defense. UNLV held there own against #5 Wisconsin losing by 7 (20-13).

Tennessee at Florida (-8)

This time there will be no dog. Florida will embarrass fellow SEC East opponent Tennessee. Florida only needs to run to the left where Tennessee has a 260 pound defensive tackle waiting. Not going to cut it in the SEC.

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doc said...

A 460 lb DT couldn't stop Tebow. The only problem is that UF won't be able to stop UT either. Unless Tennessee's offense completely self-destructs, which is very possible.