Monday, September 10, 2007

Saturday's are BACK!

No more mundane baseball, no more Saturday's filled with the boredom most baseball on ESPN brings, no more Little League World Series, no more talks of Michael Vick, and no more Bonds saga. YES, it's here.

It's September and that means it's time for some College Football. We're past week 2 and there has already been more wins, upsets, and hearts broken since last year.

At the beginning of the year I think it was clear who was the best conference in the nation and how others followed but to be honest I believe at 2-6 there has been quite the power shift.

Here is my BCS Conference Power Listing:

  1. SEC
  2. PAC-10
  3. Big East
  4. Big 12
  5. Big 10
  6. ACC
Yup that's right. The SEC is where it needs to be, on top. Sure South Florida beating Auburn and Missouri beating Ole Miss were huge for each respective program this past week...well not Missouri because Ole Miss is worse than most High School teams in Florida.

California in week 1 and Oregon in week 2 really showed some signs of greatness however, I do believe they were playing teams on the decline. The Big East as usual is top heavy with WVU, Louisville, and South Florida being its better teams. Rutgers is good, but my high school plays a tougher schedule. The Big 12 has Oklahoma which almost vaulted them to #3, but slow starts by Texas and the rest really brought them down. The Big 10 is awful this year and that should be no doubt. Michigan who? Notre LAME (yes I know they're an IND)? Need I talk about them. They may be trying to get rights to a game with the Coast Guard to pad what will probably be an 0-7 or 0-8 record. The ACC is probably the worst conference in all of college football right now. You know it's bad when you're real bright spot happens to be a Technological University.

Next week you will probably witness something that hasn't come about in the last 50 years--a televised football game where both participants were 0-2. Yes, Notre Dame and Michigan will be fighting in what I like to call the "Battle of the 0-fers".

Here's a little more about me. I am an avid football fan. The past 2 Saturday's I've watched about 25 hours of college football combined. That's not counting both Thursday night games and Labor Day's FSU vs. Clemson. I eat it up. Stats, players, coaches, you name it I love it. I will not reveal who I'm a fan of to you ever and I hope you never find out unless of course you know me haha, but that in my opinion makes a blog better. Along with my earlier point of being an avid fan, I am a member of which in my opinion is the best information on college football and has a good group of members that money can buy. Being a member of does have it pluses in the quality information received, but it also has it's negatives--and sometimes they outweigh the positives.

Most every blog I'll do my best to have a list of things that "Grind my Gears." I'll highlight some of the negative things I've seen and read about everywhere in my internet and real life travels for that week.


  • Notre Dame fans who continually blame losses on Tyrone Willingham. That's right. There are a high number of ND fans who believe all of the losses this year are solely on TW's shoulders. Whether it be recruits or lack thereof or "the situation he left the program in", he still gets a lot of the blame.
  • Rutgers fans who came out of the woodworks and now proclaim that Greg Schiano is the greatest coach to ever live. Breaking News Rutgers and other Big East fans: you guys were nothing until Virginia Tech, Boston College, and Miami left the conference.
  • Lou Holtz for being a worthless announcer who brings absolutely nothing fresh and new to any broadcast.
Upset Specials

Watch out for the following this Saturday:

USC at Nebraska
Ohio State at Washington
Louisville at Kentucky

I really thing Nebraska will give USC some grief, however if Sam Keller makes mistakes, this game is already over.

Louisville's defense is more porous than a cheese grader. Kentucky's is better than Louisville's but all in all this game could hit the combined Century mark plus. I mean MTSU dropped 40 on Louisville last Thursday night.

I love Tyrone Willingham. I think he was treated unfairly at Notre Dame and think all in all he is a good coach. Something that really made me smile this week was a thread on a board titled "Could Notre Dame beat Boise State right now?...B/C Tyrone Willingham did!" I hope he has good success at Washington.

Well signing off for today. Have a great week prepping for what will be another action packed Saturday!

Thursday night WVU vs. Maryland. Shouldn't be a good one!

If there is anything you guys want me to touch base on please comment and give me feedback!


doc said...

Are you referring to Va Tech, or the Georgia Institute of Technology. If you are referring to the Institute, please make sure not to refer to them as a Technological University.

JP said...

Sorry Doc, Technological University and of Technology have the same meaning in my book.

Who cares about the ACC anyway?

Virginia Tech sure did show up against LSU!