Thursday, October 11, 2007

Doc's Prognosis - Week 7

At this point, we should no longer be surprised about anything that happens for the remainder of this season. I have nothing further to say in this section.

Three Up…..
1. Florida – Up 6 spots to #5. Sometimes losing isn’t such a bad thing. I think this is roughly where Florida belongs. The Auburn game was obviously an anomaly. A legitimate Top 5 team in my opinion.
2. Missouri – Up 7 spots to #8. Still undefeated, and following a complete and utter dismantling of Nebraska. Up next is my #2 Oklahoma. If Missouri can pull out a win in this game, there will be many more believers.
3. Kansas – Up 6 spots to #3. This one is a bit of a shock to me. I didn’t expect them to jump this high. Yet another surprising Big 12 North team, who still has a lot to prove.

Three Down….
1. USC – Down 16 spots to #26. It’s been many many years since USC has been this low in my ranking, and it’s hard to argue that they belong any higher than this. The polls have this all wrong, and should’ve dropped the team much further than they have. Michigan lost all credibility they ever had for losing one game, and I think USC should’ve fallen at least outside of the Top 15 for losing a game like this. Yes, you must take into account their ‘full body of work’, but let’s be honest, that body of work is very unimpressive. I see another 3 or 4 losses on the schedule for this team. While we’re on the topic, midway through the USC-Stanford game, I was flipping channels, always expecting USC to put it together and pull away. I was saying to myself that I should mention in this week’s blog that I thought USC would be the next major undefeated team to fall. I just had no confidence whatsoever that Stanford would be the one to do it.
2. Georgia – Down 6 spots to #23. A terrible showing from these guys in Knoxville. I was expecting much more from a Mark Richt coached team. They looked like they were completely unprepared to play, and they made a middle of the pack UT team look like world beaters.
3. Hawaii – Down 18 spots to #32. I’m not sure that they belong this low, but they haven’t been as impressive as everyone was expecting.

Games of the Week
1. LSU vs Kentucky – A chance for Kentucky to prove that they actually do belong in the discussion of who will win the SEC. If they can beat LSU, I would put them near the top of the list. But I just don’t see that happening. LSU’s schedule is full of landmines, but I don’t see this being the one that trips them up.
2. Oklahoma vs. Missouri – This is one of those matchups that we get at this time of season that is a big big game, but 3 weeks ago nobody was looking forward to this game at all. And the really big surprise about this is that the undefeated team isn’t the Sooners. I’ve got OU by 9 in this one, so the Missouri dream run takes a hit here.
3. Cincinnati vs. Louisville – Cincy is another one of those surprising teams. At the beginning of this season, the only reason anyone was looking forward to this game was because Louisville would be in the Big East and national title picture. Not so much anymore. I think the Bearcats win again, and maybe they finally start to get some national attention.
4. Penn St vs. Wisconsin – A chance for the Badgers to get up off the mat and regain some respect. I don’t see it happening though. I think Wisconsin were very overrated coming into this season, and Penn St will win this one.
5. Auburn vs. Arkansas – McFadden can use this game to get back into the national spotlight for his Heisman run. But this is also a game for us to see who might be a stumbling block for LSU. Should be a great game, with Auburn pulling it out at the end. They’ll have just enough defense to keep McFadden and Jones in relative check.

Upset Specials
1. Mississippi St over Tennessee – Georgia’s defense was very accommodating for the Vols last week, and it looked like they were wading through quicksand. I don’t know what was wrong with them, but one thing I know is that they made UT look a whole lot better than they actually are. Vols fans are now booking their trip to Atlanta, but they’ll come crashing down this week. Sylvester Croome will get a big scalp here, and hopefully that will get his critics off his back. He’s worked wonders with this team, but until this year it hasn’t really shown in the record. But this is his week. And just as an aside, I still think 7-5 is about as good as UT can hope for this season.
2. Wake over FSU – A good chance for Wake to pull this one out, and show that even though they’ve been forgotten this year, they’re still lightyears better than the Wake of old.
3. Duke over Virginia Tech – Admittedly, I’m struggling to find upsets on this week’s slate of games, but I’m going to throw this one in there as Upset #3. My computer says Hokies by 9, so that’s a little closer than most folks would expect. VT looked great in thrashing Clemson, but honestly folks, it was a Tommy Bowden team so everyone should’ve expected that. The Hokies struggle scoring points, and Duke seems to be somewhat improved. I guess we’ll just see what happens. Given everything that’s already happened this year, this upset would probably not even ring any alarm bells if it were to happen.

Alright, that’s all for this week. I hope everyone enjoys their college football watching for this weekend.

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