Monday, July 28, 2008

New SEC Clock Changes

What the crap. You'd think they were purposely trying to shorten the greatest game in the greatest conference America has ever seen.

The SEC released new clock changes last week that will definitely alter the way offenses will flow and how defenses scheme this upcoming season.

The major change is going from a 25 second clock to a 40 second clock. This new clock will start at the end of every play allowing offenses to dictate the pace at which they run. This will probably be more evident with spread offenses as using a no huddle approach and switching up formations is fairly prevalent in that scheme. This change I don't mind too much, however, the out of bounds clock change really "grinds my gears" as Peter Griffin would say.

Now after a play that goes out of bounds, the clock will start as soon as the ball is placed ready to be snapped. I really can't say how many games I've witnessed over the past 15-20 years where throwing out passes and running out of bounds have allowed me to see some of the greatest college football game finishes. National Championship games, Conference Championship games, and even your head to head conference games have all seen close finishes where using out of bounds and taking your time with the next play has made the difference. This will probably also put more pressure on the quarterback, and the team in general to be more precise and crisp in play selection and development.

Now back to the games. Speaking just from last year, how many SEC games went down to the wire and teams used sideline plays to dictate their play calling? I would venture to guess at least 10 nationally televised SEC games went down to the wire. This rule will change a lot of late game play calling.

We'll see what happens, but as for now, I'm not too excited. I'd rather games be long, drawn out, with little restrictions.

I also forgot to mention they have thrown out the 5 yard penalty for face mask. They are now all 15 yards, and the horse collar tackle is now illegal and worth 15 yards as well.

Fall practice begins for most teams at the end of this week and beginning of next, so we are on the verge people.

Good stuff.


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