Monday, October 22, 2007

Doc's Prognosis - Week 9

Finally a weekend that did not provide us with any real earth-shattering moments. USF was always going to have a struggle at Rutgers on a Thursday night (and for all the new USF haters out there, including the pollsters, go crawl back under the same rock you FINALLY crawled out from under last week when you started giving them the respect they deserve), and Vandy beating S. Carolina should not have surprised anyone either. You always knew Vandy was going to pull off a win, and Carolina's offense has been waiting to cost them a game all season. Now I expect to see them get back on track when Spurrier continues his personal rivalry against Tennesee this weekend. Now on with the topics for the week.

Three Up....

1. Oregon - Up 5 spots to #2. The Ducks are now challenging LSU for the top spot in my ranking. But then again, so are about 4 or 5 other very evenly matched teams. A couple of big wins here and there for any of these teams will make the difference at the end of the season.
2. Arkansas - Up 9 spots to #11. The Hogs are probably one of the most controversial teams in my ranking this year. They haven't won any of the big games they have played so far, but they have been competitive. I think they will have something to say in how the SEC divisional races play out over the next few weeks, especially with the big LSU game at the end of the year.
3. Alabama - Up 12 spots to #20. Alabama finally managed to avoid having the game come down to the final play. Now they have two weeks to rest up for the Saban Bowl, a game that will go a long long way towards determining the SEC West champion. No one could've expected Saban would have such an impact in his first season.

Three Down....
1. South Carolina - Down 7 spots to #24. As I mentioned previously, I think the Gamecocks had been playing a little over their heads all season. They need to regroup in time for this week's UT game, because they are still right in the thick of the race for Atlanta.
2. Tennessee - Down 13 spots to #35. Somehow this team defeated Georgia, 35-14. If you look at the entire body of work, it is very unimpressive.
3. Texas Tech - Down 3 spots to #19. Not real sure how they only dropped this far after getting manhandled by Missouri.

Games of the Week
1. BC vs. Va Tech - Just like USF last week, it is now BC's turn to face a very difficult Thursday night game as the new BCS #2. This should be a very good, very entertaining game. My gut tells me Va Tech will win with their defense and special teams, but my computer is saying BC by 1.
2. Ohio St vs Penn St - From this point on, Ohio St actually has a fairly difficult stretch of games to round out the season, culminating with the Michigan game. If they run the table, I think they will be a very deserving national championship game participant.
3. Arizona St vs Cal - This is really the Sun Devils first showcase game, and unfortunately for them, Cal has tanked over the last couple of weeks. A win over the Bears would still be a quality win, though, so this is going to be a key game for the BCS rankings, and in the Pac10 race.
4. Oregon vs. USC - USC showed signs of improvement last week in South Bend, but that's nothing to write home about. As mentioned above, Oregon is my new #2, and as such, my computer has them favored heavily here. My guess is that it's going to be much closer than that. I just can't see a Pete Carroll team getting blown out by anybody.
5. South Carolina vs Tennessee - This is essentially an elimination game in the SEC East. Steve Spurrier has owned Phil Fulmer in the past, and it will be interesting to see if that continues. UT's weakness is the defense, SC's weakness is their offense. This game will come down to who's weakness plays best.

Upset Specials
1. Va Tech over BC - My computer is saying BC by 1 point, but as I mentioned earlier, I expect their to be one fewer undefeated team by the end of the night Thursday.
2. NC State over Virginia - My computer is predicting UVa to win by a TD, but I expect it will be much closer than that. The Cavaliers are winning nailbiters, and this week their luck might finally run out.
3. Penn St over Ohio St - What a weekend it would be if the top 2 teams in the BCS come crashing down. Of course, that kind of thing never happens in college football, right?

That's all for this week. Kind of a short entry, but then again, there aren't that many games here that really get me fired up. The last few times I've felt that way heading into a weekend, there have been tons of upsets and a complete overhaul of the Top 25. I wouldn't be surprised if the same happens this week as well.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Doc's Prognosis - Week 8

Well, another week, another rash of upsets for the top teams in the land. At some point, the upsets have to stop. And at some point, people will realize that this year's SEC may be the most difficult conference to play in since the dawn of time. If LSU had managed to make it through their schedule unscathed, they should have given them the title without even making them play anyone else (and honestly, I'm not one of these 'SEC is always the best conference' morons). As it is, they tripped up very, very early in the race. That doesn't mean they aren't a great team though. Anyway, onward we go.

Three Up...
1. USF - Up 5 spots to #5. Well, they have finally become a player in my ranking. Up to this point, they've been a good team that's had a couple of big wins, but for the most part they've done exactly what they were expected to do. Now with the way things have fallen over the last few weeks, and with the continued good showings of Auburn and WVU, they find themselves on everybody's list of the best teams in all the land. At least on the list of anyone who actually knows football. Still a very difficult schedule ahead of them though.
2. Kansas St - Up 9 spots to #9. I think this is a little too high for this team. We shall see. They got to this point though because of playing Auburn and Kansas tough, and then throttling Colorado, who in turn had beaten Oklahoma, one of the best 1 loss teams in the country. Yet again, evidence that this is the craziest season of college football in quite some time.
3. Boise St - Up 25 spots to #21. It should be noted that this ranking doesn't include the recent Nevada game. But the point is, last year's cinderella team is rapidly getting back into the discussion as a possible at large team in the BCS. Even with one loss, to a less impressive than originally expected Washington team. At this point, nothing will surprise me.

Three Down...
1. Cal - Down 7 spots to #18. It's not exactly fair that Cal has to be in this position. With Nate Longshore out of action in the Oregon St. game, it wasn't very surprising to see them beaten. But the way that it happened was one of the cruelest endings I've seen. And you could see the frustration at the end of the game from the CAl players and coaches. You've gotta feel sorry for the young QB who put them in that mess, but that's got to be the most boneheaded play of the year.
2. Boston College - Down 6 spots to #23. I didn't see any of the game (why would I watch anymore of Notre Dame this year), but it seemed to be a pretty lackluster performance. They're still unbeaten though, but that doesn't necessarily mean they're any good.
3. Illinois - Down 11 spots to #26. Well, as quick as I was to jump on the Zooker's bandwagon, I'm going to be just as quick to jump off of it. When you lose to Iowa, you lose a lot of respect.

Games of the Week
1. USF vs. Rutgers - Another good Thursday night Big East tilt. This is USF's first game as BCS #2, so the pressure will be on them to keep their unbeaten record alive. Rutgers should be up for this game as they'll have a chance to knock off the Big East frontrunners and keep their hopes of a BCS bid alive.
2. LSU vs Auburn - The recent games in this series have been absolutely epic. For LSU, it's win or go home. With 2 losses, they would be done and dusted as far as the BCS title game is concerned. For Auburn, it's a chance to showcase their outstanding defense once again. Should be a classic, defensive slugfest. I wouldn't miss this one if I were you.
3. Florida vs. Kentucky - As I've said several times before, I still think Florida are the frontrunners for the East division title. I just don't think UK can pull off another upset. They are no doubt a great team, but they played over their heads a little to pull off the upset versus LSU, and I just can't see them doing it once again. They'll probably prove me wrong however.
4. Cal vs. UCLA - Cal needs to right the ship quickly in this game. They are still very much alive in the Pac-10 race, and even have an outside shot at the BCS title game as a one loss team.
5. Tennessee vs. Alabama - The third in a great triumvirate of SEC matchups. This is my favorite game of the year, and my least favorite game of the year, all at the same time. Just another sign of how deep the SEC is this year: 2 storied programs, 2 great rivals, 2 teams that still control their own destiny in the conference. And this game is #3 in the pecking order for SEC television behind LSU-Auburn, and UF-UK. Pretty amazing if you ask me.

Upset Specials
1. Notre DAme over USC - I think for this to happen, USC will have to make a lot of mistakes, and Notre Dame will have to generate at least 14 points from Special Teams/Defense. I honestly can't see them scoring an offensive TD, but 17 points might be just enough to do it. All in all, though, I think this is a worthless game. ND is terrible, USC will lose at least another 2 games and be out of the title picture very soon, so this has absolutely no bearing on anything outside of the two fanbases.
2. Illinois over Michigan - I mentioned earlier that I jumped off the Illini bandwagon as quickly as I got on. But if they pull this one out, I, as well as the rest of the country, will probably be right back on it.
3. UCLA over Cal - If Cal comes out still thinking about last week's loss, their season will pretty much be over by the end of this game. But if they take their frustration out on UCLA, Dorrell's squad had better look out.

That's all for this week. As usual, you can find the full rankings, as well as predictions for all ACC and SEC games, at

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Doc's Prognosis - Week 7

At this point, we should no longer be surprised about anything that happens for the remainder of this season. I have nothing further to say in this section.

Three Up…..
1. Florida – Up 6 spots to #5. Sometimes losing isn’t such a bad thing. I think this is roughly where Florida belongs. The Auburn game was obviously an anomaly. A legitimate Top 5 team in my opinion.
2. Missouri – Up 7 spots to #8. Still undefeated, and following a complete and utter dismantling of Nebraska. Up next is my #2 Oklahoma. If Missouri can pull out a win in this game, there will be many more believers.
3. Kansas – Up 6 spots to #3. This one is a bit of a shock to me. I didn’t expect them to jump this high. Yet another surprising Big 12 North team, who still has a lot to prove.

Three Down….
1. USC – Down 16 spots to #26. It’s been many many years since USC has been this low in my ranking, and it’s hard to argue that they belong any higher than this. The polls have this all wrong, and should’ve dropped the team much further than they have. Michigan lost all credibility they ever had for losing one game, and I think USC should’ve fallen at least outside of the Top 15 for losing a game like this. Yes, you must take into account their ‘full body of work’, but let’s be honest, that body of work is very unimpressive. I see another 3 or 4 losses on the schedule for this team. While we’re on the topic, midway through the USC-Stanford game, I was flipping channels, always expecting USC to put it together and pull away. I was saying to myself that I should mention in this week’s blog that I thought USC would be the next major undefeated team to fall. I just had no confidence whatsoever that Stanford would be the one to do it.
2. Georgia – Down 6 spots to #23. A terrible showing from these guys in Knoxville. I was expecting much more from a Mark Richt coached team. They looked like they were completely unprepared to play, and they made a middle of the pack UT team look like world beaters.
3. Hawaii – Down 18 spots to #32. I’m not sure that they belong this low, but they haven’t been as impressive as everyone was expecting.

Games of the Week
1. LSU vs Kentucky – A chance for Kentucky to prove that they actually do belong in the discussion of who will win the SEC. If they can beat LSU, I would put them near the top of the list. But I just don’t see that happening. LSU’s schedule is full of landmines, but I don’t see this being the one that trips them up.
2. Oklahoma vs. Missouri – This is one of those matchups that we get at this time of season that is a big big game, but 3 weeks ago nobody was looking forward to this game at all. And the really big surprise about this is that the undefeated team isn’t the Sooners. I’ve got OU by 9 in this one, so the Missouri dream run takes a hit here.
3. Cincinnati vs. Louisville – Cincy is another one of those surprising teams. At the beginning of this season, the only reason anyone was looking forward to this game was because Louisville would be in the Big East and national title picture. Not so much anymore. I think the Bearcats win again, and maybe they finally start to get some national attention.
4. Penn St vs. Wisconsin – A chance for the Badgers to get up off the mat and regain some respect. I don’t see it happening though. I think Wisconsin were very overrated coming into this season, and Penn St will win this one.
5. Auburn vs. Arkansas – McFadden can use this game to get back into the national spotlight for his Heisman run. But this is also a game for us to see who might be a stumbling block for LSU. Should be a great game, with Auburn pulling it out at the end. They’ll have just enough defense to keep McFadden and Jones in relative check.

Upset Specials
1. Mississippi St over Tennessee – Georgia’s defense was very accommodating for the Vols last week, and it looked like they were wading through quicksand. I don’t know what was wrong with them, but one thing I know is that they made UT look a whole lot better than they actually are. Vols fans are now booking their trip to Atlanta, but they’ll come crashing down this week. Sylvester Croome will get a big scalp here, and hopefully that will get his critics off his back. He’s worked wonders with this team, but until this year it hasn’t really shown in the record. But this is his week. And just as an aside, I still think 7-5 is about as good as UT can hope for this season.
2. Wake over FSU – A good chance for Wake to pull this one out, and show that even though they’ve been forgotten this year, they’re still lightyears better than the Wake of old.
3. Duke over Virginia Tech – Admittedly, I’m struggling to find upsets on this week’s slate of games, but I’m going to throw this one in there as Upset #3. My computer says Hokies by 9, so that’s a little closer than most folks would expect. VT looked great in thrashing Clemson, but honestly folks, it was a Tommy Bowden team so everyone should’ve expected that. The Hokies struggle scoring points, and Duke seems to be somewhat improved. I guess we’ll just see what happens. Given everything that’s already happened this year, this upset would probably not even ring any alarm bells if it were to happen.

Alright, that’s all for this week. I hope everyone enjoys their college football watching for this weekend.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Doc's Prognosis - Week 6

Every college football season has at least one jaw dropping weekend, and last week was the first of this season. Will it be the last? I doubt it. What we just saw was several of the top teams, the most likely contenders for the national title, all lose early. That tells me that the teams that took their places at the top of the rankings are probably not really worthy of their high-rankings, and they will fall as well (probably as part of another jaw dropping weekend somewhere down the road). My guess is that the Oklahomas and West Virginias of the world will rejoin LSU and USC in the national title picture by season's end. In all honesty, I think this may be a season where no one goes undefeated. Anyway, that's enough useless banter for this week. As usual, the rankings can be found here, and let the incessant beating begin due to me having OU still in the #1 spot.

Movers and Shakers

Three Up...
1. USF - Up 17 spots to #8. A great upset win over W. Virginia, coupled with the earlier upset of Auburn, has finally given this program the recognition it deserves. I cannot underestimate the job that Leavitt has done building this program absolutely from scratch. How many years before they win a national championship? Be sure to vote in the poll.
2. Auburn - Up 19 spots to #16. I didn't watch all of the first half of the game against Florida, but best I can tell, they absolutely shut down the Gators. The offense is still a major question mark, and even with a solid defense, I see them struggling to win their remaining big games. Not every opponent will sleepwalk through the first half against them. Still a great win though.
3. Colorado - Up 25 spots to #22. This upset is one of those that I would not have bet on, even if I had been given 100-1 odds. Complete shocker. But to come back from a 24-7 deficit against a team that had been as impressive as anybody through the first month of the year deserves some major shout-outs. Maybe Dan Hawkins won't be a bust after all.

Three Down....
1. Wisconsin - Down 19 spots to #35. This team has got to lose at some point. They can't continue to squeak past inferior opponents. However, they do play in the Big 2 Little 9, so anything is possible I guess. Just ask 2002 Ohio St.
2. Rutgers - Down 25 spots to #38. A complete bellyflop, at home, in their first meaningful game. If they don't step it up soon, they'll return to their old stomping grounds at the foot of the Big East standings. I really did think they were much better than this. We shall see.
3. Texas - Down 23 spots to #44. Everyone saw this one coming all season long. I just had no idea they would get blown away on their own field. It looks like a return to the pre 2005 Texas under Mack Brown, but we won't know for sure until we see them play OU this weekend.

Games of the Week
1. Kentucky vs. South Carolina - I've got Kentucky favored once again in this one. I've been a fan of the SEC for a long long time, and it is nice to see the Wildcats doing well. I knew they would be good going into the season, but I didn't expect them to be this good. With Vandy and Kentucky playing well, and Spurrier at SC, it's going to be exciting for years to come in the SEC East. As for this game, it should be close, but I expect that not even the Gamecocks defense will be able to stop Woodson when the game is on the line.
2. LSU vs Florida - I can't help but wonder if this young Florida team was caught looking ahead last week. I think they will be up for this game, and I expect a true classic here. People will be talking about this game as one of the games of the year by season's end. My computer is predicting LSU by 13, but I'm seeing a 30-27 type of game, with LSU pulling it out in the end. If Florida loses this one though, can they still make it to the SEC title game? I think so. It will be a real slugfest in the East.
3. Illinois vs. Wisconsin - Yep, I think this is where it all ends for Wisconsin. I'm not sure how Illinois isn't ranked, but at this point they should be. And they'll prove it right here.
4. Oklahoma vs Texas - The Red River Shootout. This one won't be as big as it should have been, but it will be a showcase game for OU. They'll get back on track here with a total throttling of the Horns. I wonder if the heat will be back on Mack Brown after this season even with the 2005 championship.
5. Georgia vs Tennessee - Another huge SEC East matchup this weekend. If Florida loses, the winner of this game should be favorites to land in Atlanta in December. But Ithink that's a foolish assumption. Georgia still plays Florida (and we all know how that game usually ends up), and Tennessee has already lost to the Gators. Even if Tennessee wins this game, I think they will drop at least one more along the way, and then they'll lose the head-to-head tiebreaker against Florida. Anyway, this is the kind of game I see Tennessee winning. If not, it could be a long long season in Knoxville.

Upset Specials
1. Kansas over Kansas St - My computer has the Jayhawks ranked very highly, and favored by 7 here. K State is getting alot of attention based off their big win last week and rightly so. The Jayhawks have played a bunch of Northwestern Institutes of Southwestern Community Colleges, so this is their first real test. I think Kansas St starts a little bit flat this week, and KU pulls this one out.
2. Georgia over Tennesee - Tennessee is favored by a couple here, but my computer is saying Georgia by a wide margin.
3. Cincinnati over Rutgers - Another chance for one of the perpetual doormats that I have highly ranked to stand up and be counted. Rutgers is favored, and I think a lot depends on how they respond to the loss last week. But my computer says Cincy by 10. I'll be anxious to see if the Bearcats are as good as I think they are.

And that's all for this week. I know I promised a discussion on conference strength, but it's been a busy last couple of weeks and I just haven't had time. I'll try to put everything together over this weekend. Unfortunately, the games don't have as much hype as what everyone was expecting, but if last weekend showed us anything it's that you can never blink with college football. Anything can happen.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Doc's Prognosis - Week 5

Well, here it is, back by popular demand. A little bit late this week on account of being on vacation through the weekend and a seemingly endless string of busy-ness after returning. If you haven't checked out this week's ratings, you can find them here.

Movers and Shakers

Three Up....
1. South Carolina - Up 23 spots to #17. Sometimes losing isn't such a bad thing. Especially when you are projected to lose by a huge margin, but end up playing somewhat competitively on the road against the #1 team. That may not earn you a lot of respect with the AP voters, but what do they know anyway?
2. Georgia - Up 16 spots to #22. A great win on the road against a highly rated team. Also, the fact that there only loss so far was to S. Carolina, and we just discussed what happened with them.
3. Illinois - Up 31 spots to #24. Wow, where did these guys come from? The Fighting Zooker's might be a factor in the Big 2 Little 9 this year. Unfortunately for him, he'll just have to be fired as coach before we finally realize just how great his team's COULD be.

Three Down....
1. Louisville - Down 40 spots to #67. I generally try to avoid putting teams who were not originally in my top 25 the previous week in this section, but when something like this happens, I've got no choice. I felt Louisville had a decent shot at winning the national title. Now I think they may not even be bowl eligible when all is said and done. The Big East is actually quite strong this year, and Louisville's already lost to one of the worst BCS conference schools I have ever seen (and that includes Duke, Baylor, and the Vandy of old). I didn't see any of this game, but when I heard this result my first thought was that this was a bigger upset than the Appy St-Michigan game. Way bigger. And I'll stand by that. Anyone who wants to argue with me there is free to do so.
2. Utah - Down 42 spots to #62. Yikes. No one could have honestly thought that they were as good as where they showed up in my rankings last week, but, unfortunately for them, what happens in Vegas doesn't stay in Vegas as far as my rankings go.
3. Nebraska - Down 16 spots to #39. In the days of my youth, in a time long long ago.....Well, it wasn't really all that long ago. 10 years ago Nebraska were national champs and had one of the most dominant dynasties college football had ever seen. Do you think they regret the Bill Callahan decision? I certainly do, because it used to be fun to watch Nebraska play offensively and defensively. Now it's just a bore, unless of course they need a 4th quarter comeback to beat the mighty Cardinals of Ball St.

Games of the Week
1. West Virginia vs USF - Now this is a rare Friday night game worth watching. W. Virginia will have revenge on their mind, and USF will be out to prove that their win over Auburn was no fluke (and I don't think it was). I think WVU will win the game, but expect USF to give them all they can handle for 3.5 quarters.
2. Florida vs. Auburn - This is an Auburn team that is backed into a corner against a Florida team with dreams of a repeat championship. Tuberville needs a big win this season, I think, to avoid the hot seat. I just don't see it coming from this game, and I'm not sure it will happen period.
3. Oregon vs. Cal - People should wake up. They play some good football out west, and I think this game could help people to realize that. Cal is ranked higher, but I can't see them winning this game. I think Oregon have the potential to be really really good. Think national championship kinda good. They will probably lay an egg and make me look like a fool here though.
4. Florida St. vs. Alabama - In the days of my youth, in a time long long ago....This would've been a monster game. An absolute monster. Now, it's just an entertaining matchup of two teams trying to rediscover the magic. And I think the Crimson Tide are only 1-2 years away from doing just that. The record is the same as last year, but they are lightyears ahead as far as mentality and toughness. In my opinion, Saban has worked a miracle in Tuscaloosa. Also in my humble opinion, FSU won't rediscover the magic as long as Bowden is there. Sad, but true.
5. Wisconsin vs. Michigan St. - Michigan St. is coming off an impressive win over Notre Dame. Wait a minute, I've got ND ranked where? Oh yes, 108th or something like that. Anyway, Wisconsin, frankly, has looked like cow dung, and they seem ripe for a beat down at the hands of a good team (which Iowa is not, and in fact is miles away from ever being). Is Michigan St. that good team to finally expose them? I kinda doubt it, but it is a battle of Little 9 unbeatens. Exciting. I'll be honest, I was having a hard time finding a 5th game.

Upset Specials
Yet again, nothing really jumps out of the page at me. But I'll take a few shots here at calling some games that could be more interesting than expected. You can find all the projections for Top 25 teams, as well as ACC and SEC games, here.

1. Alabama over FSU - For some unknown reason, the bookies have FSU as a 2.5 point favorite. Why is beyond me. They will play good defense in this one, no doubt about it. And yes, Alabama's defense has been suspect at times, so FSU can expect to score a few points. But this will be a true neutral venue, and that will mean alot. I can't see FSU scoring more than 16 points with that offense, and I can't see Alabama scoring fewer than 17. You do the math.
2. Ga Tech over Clemson - I once had a roommate in college that referred to this as the most physical rivalry in college football. To this day, I am still trying to determine what he means by this, but the fact is that this is usually, not always, but usually a great game. That being said, I see blowout written all over this one. I just don't know which way it will go. GT has fallen flat on their face the last 2 games, and Tommy Bowden's Clemson teams are always consistent, right? I'm not ready to make a definite prediction on this one, but it will be a game worth watching, at least for a few minutes. Something impressive will happen, one way or the other. And I wouldn't be surprised in the least if GT wins. Unless they wear their gold jerseys.
3. Miss St over S. Carolina - I wouldn't give this one very good odds, but it could happen. Final score will probably be 19-16, or something like that. You'll see 2 good defenses, and 2 pretty inept offenses, battle it out. And because it will be low scoring and close, Miss St just might pull something out of their hat, you just never know.

OK, that's all for this week. Admittedly, this week doesn't really get me fired up all that much. Maybe it's just because October the 6th is going to be such a huge day for college football. But more on that next week. Of course, who knows, a few big upsets this weekend and those 'big' games next week won't mean nearly as much as we thought. But that's the beauty of the sport. Who needs a playoff? Not college football, I can assure you of that.

Just a thought before I really close this out. My note up above about the Big East being a strong conference got me thinking. Next week I will try to write a little about the relative strength of each conference. But, what makes a good conference? 2 great teams at the top, a strong group of mid ranked teams, or having all 8, 9, 10 teams just being pretty good? In other words, should I take an average rating for each conference to determine the strength, or throwout the top and bottom teams, then average, etc.? Anybody with any thoughts on this, or if you care at all, please be oh so kind and leave a comment for me to read.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Doc's Prognosis - Week 4

Movers and Shakers

Here are the big movers of the weekend, along with some general comments about the wonderful world of college football. As always, you can find the full rankings here.

Three Up....

1. Utah - Up 50 spots to #23. This is probably much much too high for a 1-2 team, but remember that I had UCLA ranked very highly all season long so far. And they let me down. Big time. Shouldn't come as a surprise really though. A good win for Utah, but I think you may see them on the Three down section very very soon.

2. Florida - Up 20 spots to #5. I remarked several times last week that I thought this offense would be unstoppable with Tebow at QB. And it looks like the defense might even be a little better than I anticipated. I will be watching Oct. 6th when they meet LSU in what might be the next 'game of the century.'

3. Ohio St - Up 17 spots to #10. A very good win over Washington. And the Big 2 Little 9 is obviously there for the taking. They've gotta be the favorites to win the conference heading into the conference schedule.

Three Down...

1. Iowa - Down 39 spots to #63. This team lost to Iowa St, who had previously lost to a MAC school and a 1-AA school. This speaks volumes about the state of the Big 10/11 or whatever they call themselves now.

2. BYU - Down 29 to #36. They were a team whose fate at this point in the season was tied to UCLA. Utah in essence knocked their archrivals down to where they belong in my rankings.

3. UCLA - Down 27 to #30. Whoops. 44-6? On the road? To a Utah team without Alex Smith and Urban Meyer? They probably should be lower than 30th.

Finally, I can't end this section without a mention of the now completely irrelevant Notre Dame. I'm glad they have their own network deal because I can't imagine any self-respecting network would pick up any of their remaining games. Then again, it's good entertainment to see if they can finish up with positive rushing yards. I wonder if negative points is next? If any team can figure out a way to do it, the great Golden Domers can, I'm sure. But Charlie Weis would keep it a secret till game time I guess. Anyway, they're now 98th in the poll, so we'll see this weekend if they can drop into the hundreds. They are now one of the 25 worst 1-a teams in the land, behind the mighty Bears of Baylor and the illustrious Golden Flashes of Kent St. Ouch.

Games of the Week

Not many this week actually, but I'll try to dig up 5. Unfortunately, I won't be watching much football this weekend as I'll be on vacation. I guess I picked a good week for that.

1. Georgia at Alabama - This is my pick for top game. Should be interesting to see how Georgia does compared to the S.C. game. And has Alabama improved that much under Saban? I don't know how much we learned from the Arkansas game, but it's a game that Bama wouldn't have won at any point over the last 6 years. Should be an entertaining game, but I think the Tide win it mainly because of the homefield advantage.

2. Texas A&M at Miami - Can Miami be relevant again, or will they continue to be a proud program gone wrong? I guess the same can be said for A&M. Franchione has been very disappointing if you ask me.

3. SC vs. LSU - No, not that SC, but the Fighting Spurriers. This is the chance for the Ol Ball Coach to throw it around a little bit and see if they can't win the game. I don't see that happening. I'd give it about a snowball's chance.

4. Penn St vs Michigan - We'll see here whether Penn St are capable of winning the That Conference. The battle of two teams whose biggest wins are against Notre Dame. This illustrious group might be joined by Duke before the end of the season, who knows.

5. Arkansas vs Kentucky - A chance for Kentucky to show they're legit. And a chance for Arkansas to show they're not disheartened by the Alabama loss. Look for McFadden to have another big game, but if John Parker Wilson can have a big game against Arkansas, Woodson should have a YOOGE game (tribute to Bob Davie).

Upset Specials

Well, most of my upsets flopped last week, with the exceptions of Alabama (who was actually favored despite not being ranked) and Kentucky. This week, there aren't really any upsets, but here are some games that might be closer than expected.

1. NC State vs Clemson - Haven't seen much of either of these teams this year, but this is just one of those games I wouldn't be surprised to see Clemson lose. This is a team who proudly claims an '11th ranked nationally' feat outside of their athletic complex. Quite a feat. They have a nice rock though.
2. New Mexico St vs Auburn - I've got Auburn only favored by 5, and the way they're playing this year, I wouldn't be surprised to see this one happen.

And that's really it for this week. Not too many games that I see as a potential upset this week, but you know there will be some. That's what is so fun about college football. You just never know what will happen.

That's all for this week. Probably no more posts from me this week. HOpefully everyone will be able to survive without me.

Friday, September 14, 2007

A Deeper Look

Each week in this spot, I’ll go through a couple of key games in a little more depth than in my main weekly writeup. I don’t claim to be the most knowledgeable football mind in the world, but every now and then I have an idea of what’s going to happen on the field. I’ll try to get this post out a little bit earlier in coming weeks instead of the day before the games, but here goes nothing.

Tennessee at Florida

Tennessee wins if…..
If Erik Ainge has time to throw and completes 75% of his passes. This game is going to be a shootout in my opinion (and in the minds of lots of other folks as well) and I don’t see Tennessee consistently moving the football on the ground like they have in years past. Rumor on the street is that Florida has a poor defense, and that may be true, we shall see. But I’ve got a sneaking suspicion that we’ll see the Florida defensive front put some heat on Ainge, and that could be the difference in the game.

Florida wins if…..
Tebow doesn’t suffer early game jitters. This is his first big test as starter, against archrivals Tennessee no less, and in one of the most important SEC games of the year. If he finds his feet early, the Gators should be able to score quickly and often. If the defense can stop Tennessee just once in the first few drives of the game, Florida could take a two possession lead out of the first quarter. An early lead to keep the crowd in the game and keep Tebow and Co’s confidence high should be enough to win the game.

My pick: Florida 38, Tennessee 34

Boston College at Georgia Tech

BC wins if…..
The offensive line handles the blitz well. I’m sure Tenuta will bring pressure on almost every down, and it all depends on BC’s ability to pick up the blitz in order to allow Ryan to be successful. He’s going to need a big game if they are to win this game, and if the line doesn’t do their part, he’s got no shot.

GT wins if…..
Tashard Choice is able to run the ball successfully. I wasn’t impressed with Taylor Bennett in the ND game, and the Samford game doesn’t provide much of an indication of actual ability. He needs a successful running attack in order to be an efficient passer. But the main benefit of Choice having a big day will be that it will help rest the defense and give them their best opportunity to stop the dangerous Matt Ryan.

My pick: GT 21, BC 13

That’s all from me for this week. Some big games this weekend, hopefully everyone will get the chance to watch a lot of the action.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Mikey Mike's Post

The Gamblin Man

By: Mikey Mike

Hello everyone time to get serious. There has a lot of talk all week of who will beat whom. There is also a good chance that today is no different. Without further ado the stone cold Vegas locks.

Lines may vary. (as of 9-12)

Louisville (-8) at Kentucky

I like Kentucky in this one. At home, against a team that gave up 42 to last years Sun Belt champ.

Hawaii (-17) at UNLV

Another underdog will cover. At home, against a team that has no defense. UNLV held there own against #5 Wisconsin losing by 7 (20-13).

Tennessee at Florida (-8)

This time there will be no dog. Florida will embarrass fellow SEC East opponent Tennessee. Florida only needs to run to the left where Tennessee has a 260 pound defensive tackle waiting. Not going to cut it in the SEC.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Doc's Prognosis - Week 3

Movers and Shakers

First off, I'll begin with a look at the teams going up and the teams going down after last week's games. As always, you can find the complete poll here.

Three Up:
1. Cincinnati - Up 37 spots to #5 after a throttling of Oregon St. They have now taken over the mantle as best non-BCS team. Are they honestly this good? No way. Are they even the best non-BCS team? I doubt it. My vote goes for BYU or TCU. But let's let them enjoy it for at least one week.
2. Oregon - Up 18 spots after giving Michigan the business at the big house. Could they be a darkhorse in the apparently loaded Pac-10?
3. Kentucky - Up 19 spots to #15. Louisville comes calling this week, and it's a chance for the Cats to back up this lofty ranking and a chance for Woodson and Co. to rack up a boatload of points against a more than accommodating L'ville defense.

Three Down:
1. Michigan - Down 34 spots to #62. And this doesn't even include the Appy St result.
2. Hawaii - Down 33 spots to #41. Needing OT to beat La Tech will do that to you. Honestly, they were way too high for a team with no defense.
3. Louisville - Down 223 spots to #35. That's way to many yards to give up to a team with a sorta directional, acronym, state university name (MTSU).

Games of the Week:
1. USC at Nebraska - I think this game will be very entertaining. USC hasn't looked all that good so far, and Nebraska is coming off a good win away at Wake. A chance for USC to show that they do belong with the likes of LSU and OU.
2. Tennessee at Florida - Mark it down right now, Tebow will be unstoppable. If Cal can score as many against UT as they did, Tebow and company will have a feast. The only problem is, UT will score almost as many. A highscoring game here.
3. BC at Ga. Tech- I think these are the two best teams in the ACC. Ryan will have a hard time against the blitz happy Jackets, but it remains to be seen what Gailey's team can do offensively.
4. Arkansas at Alabama - Nick Saban's first real test in the SEC. I was impressed with the win at Vandy, but stopping Mcfadden and Jones will be a different story. This game is always, always close, and I can't imagine this one being any different.
5. Ohio St at Washington - Ty Willingham may finally have this program turned around. That, and the apparently weak Big 10, make for some very interesting story lines here.

You can find my computer's predictions for these games, and all other Top 25, SEC, and ACC games here.

Upset Specials
This is something of a rare week. My computer is picking the 'underdog' to win several games against ranked opponents. You don't see this very often.

Nebraska over USC - I'm really anxious to see how this one plays out.
Kentucky over Louisville - I watched MTSU score at will, so I think this is a legitimate pick.
Washington over Ohio St - A chance for the Big 10 to get some of their pride back, but I think they fail to do it.
Alabama over Arkansas - In all honesty, this one's too close to call.

That's all for this week. Hope you enjoyed it. If anybody is reading, or has any suggestions for topics to cover, let us know.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Saturday's are BACK!

No more mundane baseball, no more Saturday's filled with the boredom most baseball on ESPN brings, no more Little League World Series, no more talks of Michael Vick, and no more Bonds saga. YES, it's here.

It's September and that means it's time for some College Football. We're past week 2 and there has already been more wins, upsets, and hearts broken since last year.

At the beginning of the year I think it was clear who was the best conference in the nation and how others followed but to be honest I believe at 2-6 there has been quite the power shift.

Here is my BCS Conference Power Listing:

  1. SEC
  2. PAC-10
  3. Big East
  4. Big 12
  5. Big 10
  6. ACC
Yup that's right. The SEC is where it needs to be, on top. Sure South Florida beating Auburn and Missouri beating Ole Miss were huge for each respective program this past week...well not Missouri because Ole Miss is worse than most High School teams in Florida.

California in week 1 and Oregon in week 2 really showed some signs of greatness however, I do believe they were playing teams on the decline. The Big East as usual is top heavy with WVU, Louisville, and South Florida being its better teams. Rutgers is good, but my high school plays a tougher schedule. The Big 12 has Oklahoma which almost vaulted them to #3, but slow starts by Texas and the rest really brought them down. The Big 10 is awful this year and that should be no doubt. Michigan who? Notre LAME (yes I know they're an IND)? Need I talk about them. They may be trying to get rights to a game with the Coast Guard to pad what will probably be an 0-7 or 0-8 record. The ACC is probably the worst conference in all of college football right now. You know it's bad when you're real bright spot happens to be a Technological University.

Next week you will probably witness something that hasn't come about in the last 50 years--a televised football game where both participants were 0-2. Yes, Notre Dame and Michigan will be fighting in what I like to call the "Battle of the 0-fers".

Here's a little more about me. I am an avid football fan. The past 2 Saturday's I've watched about 25 hours of college football combined. That's not counting both Thursday night games and Labor Day's FSU vs. Clemson. I eat it up. Stats, players, coaches, you name it I love it. I will not reveal who I'm a fan of to you ever and I hope you never find out unless of course you know me haha, but that in my opinion makes a blog better. Along with my earlier point of being an avid fan, I am a member of which in my opinion is the best information on college football and has a good group of members that money can buy. Being a member of does have it pluses in the quality information received, but it also has it's negatives--and sometimes they outweigh the positives.

Most every blog I'll do my best to have a list of things that "Grind my Gears." I'll highlight some of the negative things I've seen and read about everywhere in my internet and real life travels for that week.


  • Notre Dame fans who continually blame losses on Tyrone Willingham. That's right. There are a high number of ND fans who believe all of the losses this year are solely on TW's shoulders. Whether it be recruits or lack thereof or "the situation he left the program in", he still gets a lot of the blame.
  • Rutgers fans who came out of the woodworks and now proclaim that Greg Schiano is the greatest coach to ever live. Breaking News Rutgers and other Big East fans: you guys were nothing until Virginia Tech, Boston College, and Miami left the conference.
  • Lou Holtz for being a worthless announcer who brings absolutely nothing fresh and new to any broadcast.
Upset Specials

Watch out for the following this Saturday:

USC at Nebraska
Ohio State at Washington
Louisville at Kentucky

I really thing Nebraska will give USC some grief, however if Sam Keller makes mistakes, this game is already over.

Louisville's defense is more porous than a cheese grader. Kentucky's is better than Louisville's but all in all this game could hit the combined Century mark plus. I mean MTSU dropped 40 on Louisville last Thursday night.

I love Tyrone Willingham. I think he was treated unfairly at Notre Dame and think all in all he is a good coach. Something that really made me smile this week was a thread on a board titled "Could Notre Dame beat Boise State right now?...B/C Tyrone Willingham did!" I hope he has good success at Washington.

Well signing off for today. Have a great week prepping for what will be another action packed Saturday!

Thursday night WVU vs. Maryland. Shouldn't be a good one!

If there is anything you guys want me to touch base on please comment and give me feedback!

New Blog

Well, the blog has been moved. I created the new site with an eye towards having some 'Guest bloggers' from time to time. I've already got a couple of folks lined up, so if you want to write as well let me know. It would be nice to have a lively discussion on this site concerning college football. Don't forget to check out this week's ratings and predictions at I will post again in the next couple of days concerning the big games coming up this weekend.